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Compliance client

Legal On Wheels B.V. has been recommended to me by my lawyer to assist us in a corporate/compliance/legal matter i was having and needing some expertise in this specific area. 

Legal On Wheels B.V. was recommended to me by my lawyer based on the knowledge of the person carrying out this business. Her ethics and professionalism made Legal On Wheels B.V. the best and reliable choice.  

Legal On Wheels B.V. is fast, service oriented, knowledgeable and very professional.

I would highly recommend anyone to work with Legal on Wheels B.V.

-Ginette Panjab

Name change client

I was looking for someone who could give me legal advise, specifically in changing my first names, and who could represent me in Curacao, as I am currently living abroad.

So I was asking friends and family if they knew anyone who could help me and luckily my brother gave me the details of Legal On Wheels. The experience I have had has been exceptional. The company is up to date with current legal procedures, have been very helpful, gave detailed information and answered all questions that I had.

The pricing has been reasonable, considering I am not currently living in Curacao. Make sure you read the contract, and discuss pricing thoroughly though. If I had one word to describe this company, it would be professional and efficient.

If you are someone who has a tight schedule, or like me, is living abroad, or just have questions in regards to some legal matters, I would recommend you this company. They are more than happy to provide help.

- Anonymous testimonial

Tax client

I was introduced to Legal on Wheels by my colleague as I was looking for someone to help me with my tax declaration.

Grateful to the good pricing and fast service, it was a done deal that we were going to work together. Everything went smooth and was really quickly done.

The communication with the client was great and if anything was unclear, I received an extensive explanation to help me through. The service received gave me a good feeling and I know for sure I will continue working together with you. You are compassionate and understanding above all and fun to work with.

"Always keep in mind the old retail adage: Customers remember the service a lot longer than they remember the price"– Lauren Freedman

- Dianne Martilia